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Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 64 Friday June 28, 2013

Thursday June 27, 2013

Today was my first day of travel since beginning the kidney infection last Wednesday. I left Tasco planning to go to Acapulco but about 3PM I was lost somewhere in the mountains. My GPS had led me to a dead end…to a river with no bridge and no more road ahead. Oh well it is time to backtrack so I turn around and head back to Teloloapan…I arrived there and had a nice hotel about 7PM. I did see some beautiful country today. I was also in the saddle for 8/9 hours and felt fine. I will take a different route to Acapulco in the morning and should be there in under three hours. More will be revealed...

Some photos from todays wonderings.

It is very common to encounter cattle, horses and burros grazing on the roads....and there are the pot must stay focused on what you are doing and never get in a hurry!

I was told about this town while in Tasco....all it's streets are paved in white marble.

Friday June 28, 2013

I was up early this morning in Teloloapan hoping to get an early start and maybe get a room and be off the bike in Acapulco by early afternoon before it gets so hot down here at sea level. But the fog was as thick as pea soup in Teloloapan and I did not get on the road until 10AM. After yesterday and my experence with the Garmin Zumo 650 GPS's software I should have known that it had not righted itself overnight....but I did not. Teloloapan is not a larger town and it was 11:30 before I finally got straightened out and headed toward Acapulco. The Mexican army had a roadblock at one end of town and the first couple of times I passed they waved me through....but I kept coming back...finally both sides (both coming and going) waved me to the side and gave me a good search. I finally figured out that the software in the GPS was completely upside down. I wrote the name of the town where I wanted to go down on a sheet of paper and asked the army "which way?". At 12:15PM I passed the point, where yesterday as about the same time, the GPS told me to go right and I should have gone left. Hours later I came to a sign that said "Acapulco 230 km" the same time my GPS said Acapulco was 646 km in the other direction....??? When I finally arrived in Acapulco it was 5PM and the traffic was mad...I made one pass through town and said the heck with this. I hit the beach and headed south until I was out of that madness. I have a room in Barra Vieja....on the beach above a nice restaurant and may stay for a few days.

Some shots from todays ride.

This is where I'm staying at Barra Vieja.

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