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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 626 Saturday January 10, 2015

Since my last report I have completed my mission by reaching Ushuaia, Argentina on December 23, 2014. During the riding south through the Argentinian Patagonia the wind was relentless, often blowing at 100 k/h (60-70 mph) all day. When I reached Ushuaia I made one loop through the city and found the streets clogged with tourist for the Christmas Holiday. I took a photo of the bike at the city entrance and returned to Rio Grande before heading north the next morning...I was ready to get out of Patagonia and the relentless wind.

July 2, 2012.

December 23, 2014.

Guanacos in the wild.

Wild camping on a lake in Argentina.

Flamingos is too windy to fly today.

After leaving Rio Grande and getting back on the mainland, Christmas was spent in the city of Rio Gallegos. There was pretty much nothing going on there. I was back on the road on the 26th and determined to get north of this wind. On December 29th I left Puerto Madryn and was headed to Santa Rosa where I was going to meet up with two guys from there I had met in Bolivia several months back. After making a bad route choice with lots of sand and gravel roads that day at 7:00pm I was hours short of Santa Rosa. I consulted the GPS and the nearest hotel was in Lamarque, so I headed for there. While stopped at a store to buy some supplies in Lamarque a pickup truck pulls up to the bike and starts taking pictures. This is where I get to meet Rosa and Juan Pierroni. They had seen the bike when it passed their home and followed to get a better look. We talked for about five minutes, Juan in Spanish and me in English. I ended up following Rosa and Juan back to their home where I stayed for two nights. There has not been a dull moment since arriving in here.

Canal swimming.

Juan and Tony.

Rosa and Juan's home is undergoing remodeling.

Touring an export fruit plant.

One of many New Years Eve BBQs I attended.

Spent New Years Eve at the home of Rosa's parents along with brothers, sisters and cousins and their families. Feliz Año Amigos!

Juan and Rosa.

Toured a family run winery in Villa Regina.

 Alfalfa is a major crop here.

All this agriculture is due to the irrigation canals with water from the Rio Negro.

Evening spent headlighting rabbits.

I attended an hombre BBQ a couple of nights ago.

I have been Lamarque for nearly two weeks and will ride to Santa Rosa on Monday or Tuesday to meet up with friends I met in Bolivia a couple of months ago. This afternoon we will go on a guanaco hunt. More will be revealed...