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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 83 Tuesday July 16, 2013

I am still in Oaxaca and will be here for at least the rest of this week. I am waiting on two packages, one from my daughter and the other is a tire that I've ordered from Mexico City. The package from home contains an assortment of items that are not readily available here in Oaxaca....several of the items are not available in Fairhope, AL either. I hope my package passes through customs without any problem. This is my first experience with shipping anything to Mexico. I know from some of the forums I follow on international travel that shipping items to some South American countries can be very restrictive and/or costly with tariffs being 100% of the value of the items.

During my first hours in Oaxaca I experienced the first theft in my motorbike travels. The tank bag on my bike was stolen while I looked for a hotel. The bike was parked on a main street in a bike parking area, it was covered and the police were within 50 yards of where it was parked. From the time I left until I returned was less that 30 minutes. Whoever stole the bag must have been watching me park and cover the bike. This is one of the disadvantages of traveling solo....oh well! I do not keep any really valuable items in my tank bag....but I did lose my SteriPEN, so another one along with a new tank bag are being shipped in my package.

Oaxaca is a fun city with plenty to keep me occupied and with many travelers from around the globe. The temperature here is in the 70's and no A/C is required. Between 8:00PM and midnight it rains a little everyday.

This is a wedding parade last Saturday.

The market in Oaxaca covers three blocks.

This is not fish bait!

Another wedding parade.

Mexicans love parades!

In the market here cacao and chocolate are a big business.

This man goes up and down the street sharpening knives for the tacoreas and restaurants.

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