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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 164 Sunday October 6, 2013

I am still in Belize and still enjoying the "laid back" atmosphere of this country and it's diverse peoples. The country has approximately 300,000 citizens from all over the world...Mexican, Mayan, American, Canadian, Great Britain, Aussie,  Middle Eastern, African, Southeast Asian, just to name a few.

I plan to leave Corozel tomorrow and go to San Ignacio in the west central part of the country near the Guatemalan border. I will likely stay there for a few days before entering Guatemala.

This morning it was announced by The Ted Simons Foundation that I, along with seven other travelers worldwide, was named as Jupiter's Travellers. This is a tremendous honor and will make available to me advice, mentoring, and resources from other more experienced communicators.

I read Ted's book "Jupiter's Travels" about five years ago when this idea of motorbiking around-the-world first came to my attention as a possible vocation (calling). After reading Ted's book I was intrigued. I had never traveled, I had been a dedicated workaholic since my teens and had become burned out on life, as I was experiencing it.

From The Ted Simon's Foundation web site:
Our world is in ferment as never before. While whole societies struggle to shrug off the dead weight of corrupt dictators new conflicts are inevitable. Environmental degradation threatens our future, and food insecurity is an immediate danger. Widespread ignorance nurtures the extreme ideologies and prejudices which tear us apart and prevent us from making rational choices for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

All of this is challenging but fertile ground for those of us who seek to understand the beauties, the mysteries and the tragedies of our world, and no traveler, in our experience, ever came home with a message of hate.

We believe that individuals of good will, moving among foreign cultures and making themselves vulnerable to the beliefs and customs of strangers, have great importance in promoting world understanding, and even more so when they can distill the essence of their experiences into a form that can be absorbed by many.

It was this belief that gave rise to the Ted Simon Foundation. The books written by Ted Simon following his solo motorcycle journeys continue to serve as an inspiration to other travelers who seek to know the world, and their place in it, through personal adventure.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and assist travelers in making an extra effort to develop their observations and insights into something of value for the rest of the world to share, whatever their medium of expression might be.

Our tendency is to favor those who travel alone, since this removes barriers to communication, but there are always notable exceptions. Otherwise our doors are open to travelers of all kinds.

The work of the Foundation is supported by:

The talents and expertise of a Committee of Advisors, well known in their fields of publishing, photography, film, music, art and performance

The Foundation's website and social channels, which we use to promote awareness of the projects and the Jupiter’s Travellers we support of all kinds, and not exclusively motorcyclists.

The extended reach of our Media and Event Partners.

This is my Badge.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you enjoy the Cashew Nut Wine in Belize.
From one of the Jupiter's Travellers folks!


Anonymous said...

Proud of you, Dad! Love you!