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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 150 Sunday September 22, 2013

The Latin American Adv is still being brought to you from San Pedro, Belize. Yesterday was Belize's Independence Day and it was interesting. The celebration started at midnight on the 21st and was still going strong at 9 PM last evening when I called it a day.

My SLR camera has quit and just will not I need a camera. There are no cameras here in San Pedro or probably in Belize and having a camera shipped into the country is out of the question...items like cameras are luxury items and are heavily taxed. So the plan is for Katie, my daughter, to mail a camera from Georgia to California to Lori, who is Peter's girlfriend. Lori is scheduled to arrive in San Pedro on Oct. 5th. Therefore, I will remain in San Pedro into the first week of Oct. 

Understand...this plan is still under development...more will be revealed. 

Outside my apartment I noticed a mockingbird the other day. So I went straight to Wikipedia and was surprised to discover that there are 17 species of mockingbirds in three genera. The mockingbird is native to all of the Americas.

These photos are not very good...maybe my point&shoot camera is failing too. This photo was taken Saturday night as the celebration was winding down. 

This is Jason from New York City. He and I are staying at the same hotel.

The Belizean flag is proudly displayed in the town square.

This is Steve and Christy from Australia. They have been in Central America since March and plan to return to OZ after Christmas in San Francisco with Steve's sister.

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