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Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 141 Friday September 13, 2013

I am still in San Pedro and will spend the remainder of the month here before returning to Corozal. I am still at the Pedro's Inn, but I have moved into the "Yellow Room." The Yellow Room is behind the office and appears to be just a door on a wall. Behind the door is a two room apartment, a bedroom with toilet, and a living area with kitchenette.  Outside of the living area door is an enclosed compound where no one can see you. The Yellow Room reminds me of staying at a safe house within the witness protection program.

The Compound.

The Beach!

There are three streets in town Front, Middle, and Back streets. This is Middle Street.

Here are two blokes, on the left is Steve from Australia and on the right is Peter. Peter is the owner of Pedro's and a native of London.

This guy roams around in the compound at the Yellow Room.

 More will be revealed....

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