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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 54 Tuesday June 18, 2013

Today I climbed Tepozteco Mountain. It was not extremely difficult and it took me about an hour and a half from the city street to the temple. I was supposed to climb the mountain yesterday but at about 1:00 AM I was awakened with a bout of kidney stones. At 7:00 AM I woke up my host family and told them I needed a taxi to take me to the hospital. They instead walked me to the doctor about one half a kilometer away…I was wondering if I could make it but I did. The doctor spoke about as much Ingres as I speak Espanol but with the help of my host it was worked out. The doctor gave me a shot for the pain, some scripts, and sent me back to my lodging. The total expense for the doctor and pharmacy was a little over $40 US. After climbing the mountain my back is a little sore, but these kidney stone attacks are unpredictable and I can not plan life around them…they occur or they don't. I simply ask myself, "What would Don Quixote do?" and then go do it.

 These are some photos from the climb to the Aztec temple.

This is my new friend Gustavo Anguiano Reyes. He was my guide and he very much enjoys having his photo taken.

These are some shots of the temple and surrounding area.

This is a telephoto shot of the home where I am is the yellow home and my room is the left balcony.

This is a standard photo of the town of Tepoztlan from the temple.

This is down in the city. It is the entrance to the cathedral from the market. This art work around the gate is done with seeds...many thousand seeds and from where this picture is taken you would have no idea that it was not painted.

 Here are photos of the cathedral.

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