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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 56 June 20, 2013

I am now in Taxco…it is a nice little mountain town and it depends heavily on tourism as its main industry. Tourism is not good…so like almost every where else I have been in Mexico the people are very glad you have chosen to visit their city and country. The city is heavily associated with silver, both with the mining of it and other metals and for the crafting of it into jewelry, silverware, and other items. This reputation, along with the city’s picturesque homes and surrounding landscapes, have made tourism the main economic activity since the only large-scale mining operation here is coming to a close.

After the ride from Tapotslan to here yesterday, I knew that the kidney troubles were not through with me yet. I was not in severe pain but I did not feel good and I was running a fever. I went to my room in the Hotel Estelar and laid down for a rest. Last evening I took the last antibiotic tablet that the doctor in Tapotslan had prescribed for me and upon awaking this morning I knew I needed to see another doctor.

I got cleaned up, packed my back pack, and went down to the hotel lobby. After making arrangements to stay another day I asked Alfredo, the hotel manager, whom I had met and talked to upon arriving for some advice. I told him about my problem and asked him to recommend me to a doctor. He took me to his family doctor who was waiting for my arrival. I was in the examining room before Alfredo entered the waiting room. The doctor spoke good English and we had no trouble getting to the point. After an examination, he prescribed five daily injections of an antibiotic. I will check back with him in five days and, hopefully, I can get this problem behind me.

While I am on the examination table the door flies open and in run two little girls jabbering in what I feel sure was of them wanted her book bag from her grandfather, the doctor. The doctor was no more concerned with this intrusion than the two little girls were...and frankly neither was I. After the girls left with their father, the doctor asked me if I had anyone who could give me an injection for the next four mornings. As I was shaking my head that I did not know anyone who could, Alfredo, sitting behind me in the waiting room (the door was not closed after the girls left), signaled to the doctor that he would give me the injections. So with that settled the doctor furnished the needles and antibiotics and the entire visit came to $36 US. With no waiting to be seen!

Surely more will be revealed...


Teresa said...

Hope you get well soon. Miss you. Teresa

Flora Overstreet said...

Praying you get rid of those stones soon. Be safe!