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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 26 Tuesday May 21, 2013

Day 26

Tuesday May 21, 2013

This is my second week of Spanish language classes in Guanajuato and my brain has had enough memorizing nouns and adjectives.....and conjugating verbos. Three more days of class and I will move along to a different place. From Guanajuato I plan to go the Doloris Hildago to San Migual de Allende. From there the plan is to head for Xilitia.....this is all subject to change. I have not been on the bike since it was parked in the lobby of the Hotel Granaditas on May 11......and I am ready to move along. I continue to find Guanajuato very interesting and I have taken many photos of the city and it's people. Here as a few more of them.

This shot is in front of the Mercado Hildago, the main market in the centro, this dog has found himself a bone somewhere in the market and is laying in the shade enjoying himself. Oh....there is no leash law here. Dogs are just part of the atmosphere here and nobody seems to notice, they never seem to be a nuisance.

Saturday afternoon watching futbol in the market.

Most of the traffic moves under the city in tunnels, this particular street is not in a tunnel. You can see the first row of windows in the photo, they are the first floor in the centro level above.

 Yet another shot of The Don and Sancho.

 The city has over 3000 alleys that can not accommodate motor vehicles. So the burro is used in this case to transport material to a construction site in an alley. This is not an uncommon site, burros are used in daily service to deliver milk to homes in parts of the city, among other chores.

More will be revealed....

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