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Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 348 Monday April 7, 2014

The ADVenture is still in San Gil where I will stay for a while longer. I really like it here...the town, but most of all the people. I have been told by many fellow travelers that the Colombian women are among the worlds most beautiful...I have not been disappointed. My experience has been that Colombians are the most polite, friendly and loving people the ADVenture has yet met. Yet put these same people behind the wheel of an auto or on a moto and they become some of the most aggressive I have encountered.

The injured leg has finally made the progress I have been hoping for. I have now had two days of little swelling and pain...I think it has turned the corner. Claudia suggested that I return to icing the leg everyday and it has made a dramatic difference. I am now able to walk and stand for hours with little discomfort.

Yesterday Claudia and I rode to Parque National del Chicamocha about 50km north of San Gil where we spent the afternoon. Chicamocha National Park, also known as Panachi, is a Colombian national level park along the Chicamocha Canyon (Cañón del Chicamocha) located 50 km from the city of Bucaramanga, Santander. The site is a tourist attraction due to it's spectacular landscape and the variety of outdoor activities that it offers such as paragliding, spelunking, bushwalking, camping, fishing, kayaking, rafting, mountain climbing, etc. The park is located on the highway between Bucaramanga and San Gil.

After inspecting the bike a few days ago I discovered one of the pannier brackets was broken...probably when we went down in Cabo del Vela.

Out for lunch at San Gil's city park on the Rio Fase.

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