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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 354 Sunday April 13, 2014

Well the ADVenture is still in San Gil, Colombia and will be here at least until after Easter. Then I will make an evaluation of the progress of the leg injury and if it is not getting better I will seek proper medical advice. OH...I can hear some of you now saying "Is he crazy?", but I do not go and see doctors or lawyers unless absolutely necessary. And after all this is my adventure. My friend Claudia Friday took me to a pharmacist that she knows and he prescribed a good anti-inflammatory and a much better pain cream for the leg.

One Wednesday I made a day trip through country roads from San Gil to Villanueva and returned on paved roads via Barichara to San Gil.

Photos in and around Villanueva.

Card game at the pool hall.

I had to have a photo of this man wearing an Alabama cap.

This is a photo of San Gil returning on the Barichara highway.

A few photos taken outside of Hotel Abril around 5:00 pm one afternoon this week.

 If she would just smile....

Hotel Abril, from the street, where I am staying in San Gil.

The school just down the street is letting out.

These photos are from in and around Centro San Gil yesterday.

   This evening I will catch a shuttle and go to Bucaramanga for a day or two. More will be revealed... 

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