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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 363 Tuesday April 22, 2014

I have good news to report...the leg and ankle are much improved. A friend took me to see a local pharmacist. He examined the leg and ankle and prescribed an anti inflammatory. Within a few hours the leg was better. I was given 12 tablets and instructed to take one tablet every six hours, which I did. After three days of taking the drug my leg felt almost 100% ready for travel. Two days after I finished taking the drug the ankle had become stiff again, but it is much better than before and continues to progress.

I am planning to leave San Gil tomorrow and ride to Villa de Leva. It should take about 4 or 5 hours not counting photo opportunities along the way. I have very much enjoyed my time in San Gil, it has been an excellent place to recuperate and take a break. Hotel Abril, where I have stayed since arriving, was packed during Semana Santa. The Colombian people travel much within their country and Holy Week is a major holiday. San Gil was overflowing with tourists for the week. Many were from Bogota and Bucaramanga, escaping the city for a week.

Settling into a place like San Gil has brought on a kind of familiar complaisance. Not a bad thing, but not what the ADVenture is about...or, is that exactly what it is about? I seem to be in a pattern where this ADVenture is not one long trip, but many trips. After three weeks here I have fallen into a life of routines. Again, not a bad thing. Much of the past 60 years of this life has been lived in one routine or another and the ADVenture has proven to be a way to experience life outside the normal. This simi-vagabond lifestyle has a way of stripping away the illusions of security and control and leaving in it's place contentment. Maybe Buddha and Jesus were onto something...?

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it." ~ Helen Keller

More will be revealed...

A few photos from the past week.

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