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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 334 Saturday March 29, 2014

The ADVenture is now in San Gil, Colombia. I departed San Juan del Cesar last Tuesday and rode to Curumani where I stayed for one night. That was my first day of ride since the leg injury. The ride went well and the leg did not give me any problems. My riding boots provide excellent protection and support for the foot and ankle. That said the ankle is still quite swollen and requires daily rehabilitation. From Curumani I rode to San Gil the next day.

It was near 6PM before I found a suitable hotel in San Gil. After unpacking I walked to the grocery store for some supplies. On my way back to the hotel I was looking for some ice to put on the ankle and met a man that spoke a little english, his name is Norberto. Norberto insisted that I go with him to get the ice. Norberto and I see each other everyday and he has introduced me to his friends. So now I have a small network of acquaintances here in San Gil.

This is a photo of Noberto and Claudia.

It rained the last day I was in San Juan del Cesar.

On the first day of travel I stopped in a shady spot in a small town. I introduced myself to these wonderful people and they made coffee. As often happens the motorcycle draws a crowd of children. Where the moto is concerned language is never a problem. Have I mentioned that I live the Colombian people?

While stopped here this little girl took my camera and acted as our official photographer, instructing the boys how to place themselves for her photos.  She would not let me take her photo electing to do a selfie.

A few hours later while stopped for lunch at a roadside cafe.

That evening I stopped in Curumani and stayed at the Hotel Central. The next morning I met these two Colombian bikers. We talked for a hour. The man in the middle is Jorge Vasquez Serpa. We became FaceBook friends and he has since invited me to spend Holy Week with friends riding around Colombia.

I departed Curumani that morning and spent the day riding to San Gil where I met Norberto and Claudia. Claudia took a holiday the next day and a acted as my guide and interpreter in Barichara where these photos were taken.

This is Claudia using my cell and Google Translate to explain to me what I was seeing.Thanks Goodness for technology.

Last evening I went to the Centro Commercial in San Gil. It is a great place to view the city at night from.

I plan to stay in the area for a while as there are many day trips that can be made from here. More will be revealed...

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