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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 286 Tuesday February 4, 2014

Well The Latin American Adventure is still in Antigua, Guatemala patiently waiting for the parts for the bike to arrive from England.

Since being in Guatemala the bike has been totally least I can not think of anything else that needs to be done. Taz at MotoMundo has:
Tuned the engine, new spark plugs, balanced the injectors
Cleaned air filter
serviced the struts
put on new tires
new chain and sprockets
changed the oil and filter
changed out the coolant
changed out the brake fluid
checked wheel bearings
put a new battery in
put on a new windscreen
and fixed most of the parts that were broken during the adventure.

The man standing is Hans from Switzerland. He is also riding the Pan American Highway on this BMW HP2. The HP2 is a rear bike and I am told that there are only two of them at the present traveling the world. Hans is headed to Alaska, while I am riding south to Argentina.

Taz is servicing the struts from the Tiger.

This morning I went to the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo to see this remarkable hotel and the ruins of the convent, monastery, church, and university that was destroyed during a massive earthquake.

Santo Domingo Monastery is a ruined monastery in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. Its history can be traced back to 1538 when the Dominicans arrived in Guatemala. It had two towers with ten bells and the monastery was filled with treasures. The monastery was destroyed in the 1773 Santa Marta earthquake and today part of the ruins have been transformed into a hotel, the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo.

Yes, this is a real live mccaw in the of several that reside at the hotel. I took a tour with a guide and was told that rooms start at $200 and go up to $800 per day. My hotel cost me $14.10 a day. The Santo Domingo has about 200 rooms and is built among the ruins of the old Santo Domingo complex. The university here was the first in Central America. My guide was not able to tell me the size of this complex, but my guess is between four and six acres.

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