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Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 278 Monday January 27, 2014

I have been in Guatemala for 105 days and it has been wonderful. I have made more friends in Guatemala than I had in Alabama in four years. The expatriate life is laid back and the cost of living is a fraction of life in the States. I spent about 90 days on Lake Atitlan visiting half a dozen villages around the lake. Guatemala is on my list for a return visit...maybe for an extended stay.

I have returned to Antigua to have a 15 tooth front sprocket installed on the Tiger which will replace the standard 16 tooth one. Hopefully I will be in El Salvador by Thursday or Friday of this week. I have booked passage on the Stahlratte von Breman (Steel Rat) from San Blas, Panama to Cartagena, Columbia for March 3-6.

 I stayed two days in San Lucas when I first arrived at Lake Atitlan and here are a couple of photos from there.

From this photo you cannot judge how steep the grade is going up the back side of volcano San proved to be to much for me.

These photo are taken from Rest Cristalinas....where I lived while in San Pedro la Laguna

These are photo of street construction in San Pedro using hand hued stone pavers. I was told by a well traveled friend that here on Lake Atitlan is one of the only places that still build streets this way. There were rows of men on the side of the street with chisel and hammer shaping the stones.

These are two of my friends, Stacy and Erin, from Alberta Canada on their rooftop terrace. I spent Christmas Eve here with a group of friends.

Here are two friends...Pex from New York City and Bill from Louisiana. Bill and I lived about 20 miles from each other in Concordia Parish for some years and met in San Pedro.

This is my friend Jerome Williams from Adelaide, Australia.

This is the protagonist Don Quijote....he seems to be following my adventure.

My good friend John Borman.

The chicken bus girls with Lynn and John on the dock in San Marcos waiting for the boat back to San Pedro.

More will be revealed.....

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