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Friday, February 28, 2014

ay 310 Friday February 28, 2014

Since leaving Monteverde, Costa Rica I first went to Jaco for one night where I stayed at the Buddha House. Jaco is a very americanized type beach town. It really had little appeal for me. There were many international tourist was very busy...a popular surfer destination with all the popular franchises. Next I rode about 80km to Quepos which is also on the Pacific coast. The Manuel Antonio N.P. is located there. When I arrived there I joined a tour of the park. The tour was very good but it is very hot here...I always searching for shade. The tour took two hours and we saw howler, spider, and white face monkeys, white tail deer, several poisonous snakes, one Jesus lizard, two three-toed sloth and several exotic frogs. After leaving the park I rode back into Quipos and found a hotel where I stayed for two nights.

Quepos is a fishing town that attracts many sport fishermen from all over the world. It boasts the most world record sailfish, tuna and mahimahi caught than any other single location in the world. Quepos offers fishing for numerous varieties of fish, especially Pacific Sailfish. Peak fishing season is from November to April for billfish.

I left Quepos riding down the coast thinking that I might make the Panamanian border, but after a wrong turn that added several hours to the days ride I decided to find a place to stay and tackle the border in the morning. I was stopped at a store along the PanAm highway drinking a bottle of water when another adventure rider pulled up. He introduced himself as Jason Grabel from Alaska and he is also riding to Ushuaia, Argentina. Jason said he was headed to a little village on the coast called Pavones Beach...a place another rider had told him about. I asked Jason "Do you want some company" and he said finish your water. We had two hours of daylight left when we took off. From where we were it was about 45 miles to Pavones Beach and Jason had a good map. Within 10 miles the road had turned to gravel, in another 10 miles it turned to dirt and rocks and I was down to 1st gear riding....praying we got there. When we arrived and found a place to stay I did not have a dry thread on my body.

The next morning I was surprised to see travelers from all over the world. Pavones Beach is a surfing world class surfer has not surfed there. Two guys from Pavones Beach are world class surfers on the international circuit. This is not a tourist is not on the "gringo trail" is difficult to get to and is quite remote. Pavones Beach is my kind of place, laid back and friendly. I had finally found the Costa Rica I was looking for. Life is Good!

This the kiddie pool.


The surf on Pavones Beach runs from left to right. Waves here can be ridden for long distances...a surfer can surf until he is out of sight down the beach.

Jason rented a board and gave it a whirl.

I am now in Panama, Panama where I will stay until the 2nd of March when I will leave to board the Stahlratte for Columbia. Panama is a very large beautiful westernized city...anything you need can be found here.
More will be revealed...

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