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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 458 Saturday July 26, 2014

Since my last post I have spent five days in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I stayed at a foundation run by Umberto from New York. While there I visited the local village of Sacha Wasi. From the main road Sacha Wasi is a half a mile walk crossing a river and several smaller water crossings. There was a group of six people including me that started out walking to the village, but the water crossings turned the others back and I proceeded alone with our guide. I was treated like a celebrity upon reaching Sacha Wasi and spent several hours there.

The kitchen.

My first blow gun lesson.

Another excursion to a waterfall in the jungle at Hola Vida.

Sunset in the jungle. It rains three to six times a day.

This is where I stayed while in the jungle of Ecuador.

These are leafcutter ants. This presession went on from morning to night every day. They are cutting a lemon tree. From the lemon tree to where the ants enter the jungle is about 100 yards and in places they have worn a path that is one inch deep.

I plan to leave Banos in the morning and reenter the Amazon on my way to Cuenca.

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