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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 451 Saturday July 18, 2014

Since my last post I spent three weeks in Salinas, Ecuador. Salinas is called "Little Miami" by many of the expats there. There are about 300 americans living there and it is a diverse community. I made many friends in Salinas and had a very good time. It is a resort city for Ecuadorians from Guayaquil (the second largest city in Ecuador) which is about a two hour drive.

Photos from in and around Salinas.

I am now in Banos, Ecuador. I am staying at the Huillacuna (Hostal, Cafe, Casa, Arte). Some photos of the lobby at the Huillacuna.

Banos is famous for it's thermal baths. Photos from around Banos.

Tomorrow morning I will go to Puyo in the Amazon basin. I will leave the bike and most of my gear here at the Huillacuna and take a backpack. I met a couple from New York that have invited me to stay with them in Puyo and I plan to do an ayahuasca retreat while in the Amazon. More will be revealed...

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