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Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 509 September 9, 2014

I have been in Lima for over two weeks and am planning to depart in the morning. As I stated in my last post the Triumph had developed a problem in the gearbox. While in Huanchaco, Peru I emailed the Triumph dealership in Lima and my email was answered by Felipe Maranzana the sales manager. Felipe asked if I could ride the bike to Lima and if not he would make the arrangements to have the bike brought to Lima. I rode the bike without any problem. He also gave me his phone number and said if I had any problem to call him. I arrived in Lima on Saturday August 30 and got the bike to the service department on the 1st of September. At the service department I met Andres Cabezas the service manager. I will say now that Lima has the largest percentage of English speakers that I have encountered in Latin America. Both Felipe and Andres speak excellent English, but they are not exceptions. Back to the bike...The service department is first class, big, clean and with trained technicians. They have a large stock of parts and had the parts to fix my bike on site. They also service KTM bikes there. Andres would send me an email every day informing me of the progress on the bike with pictures of the work being done and any problems that they found. I will say that I have never had this kind of personal service from a dealership before.

Felipe and I hit it off and he went out of his was to show me around Lima and arranged for his son Manuel to act as my personal guide of the city for two days. My first weekend in Lima Felipe took me to a motocross race and this last Sunday we rode our bikes south of Lima so I could check that everything about the bike was okay. I am also invited to go on a ride with 30 to 50 other riders for three days through some scenic part of Peru later this month. I will see how my schedule works out, but I would like to go.

I have enjoyed Lima very much. My hotel is in the Miraflores district of the city which is very nice. The food in Lima is exquisite and the city has many fine restaurants. Lima has the best food of any city I have visited in Latin America. The traditional Peruvian food is excellent. There is a sizable population of both Chinese and Japanese here with a healthy sprinkling of Italian and German immigrants and all their influence in fine dining are evident.

These are photos of the moto sent to me by Andres showing the problem with the shifter on the bike.

A few photos from around my hotel in Lima.

These are photos of Larcomar a nice little mall built into the cliff a short walk from the hotel.

Photos from around the central district of Lima.

Photos from our afternoon at the motocross races.

On the right is my friend Felipe with one of his old friends who is still racing.

Luis, Felipe and I on our Sunday outing.

I will leave Lima in the morning and head for Cusco. It is two long days ride to Cusco from Lima so I will likely take four or five days. There will be plenty to see along the way. More will be revealed...

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