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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 2 4/27/2013

Day 2


I moved out of my apartment at Shadowed in downtown Fairhope, AL Thursday and left the city at 5:00PM in my Jeep towing the motorcycle on a utility trailer. I drove to McComb MS, stayed with Lane and Angela O'Quin. They are keeping my Jeep at their place while I'm gone. I spent Friday sorting my gear and packing and repacking the bike for the trip. This morning I left Lane and Angela's and went to MS, visit relatives before heading south of the border.

At Lane and Angela's home.

    The deer processing plant/snowball stand/sandwich shop/ fish market/etc.....O'Quin's

    Baron, Lane and Cory

    Cousin Monty and an old friend Willy Earl....resurfacing Monty's drive.

    Monty's Crib....The wood in the house came off the place.

    Cousins Linda, Jennifer and Aunt Roma.

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